The 40ha will give you all the reasons to enjoy and take full advantage of the geographical pampering of the area. You can move with the hammock or the sunbed from the sun to the shade and vice versa, depending on the season you can take the foot or sled to the hills that live the Farm, or you can simply accompany with a guitar at the campfire or at the mouth of the stove. 

The wings or domestic horns of the farm, rabbits and deer temporarily housed, can delight children and why not, they can be their true zoological lesson.

Advanced or beginners alike, you can enjoy a unique experience in the saddle. Introductory lessons in horseback riding, horseback riding or carriage rides in nature and unique equestrian photo sessions await you at Dacian Farm.

We have also prepared a football, volleyball, badminton, foot tennis and basketball court for you. We offer equipment: paddles, balls, flyers.

Initiation riding lesson in the riding school - 10 lei / 2 ture.
Horseback riding - 120 lei / 45 min.
Carriage ride - 500 lei / 45 min (2-4 pers)
Football pitch rental - 15 lei/hour/person

About us
About us

Wine tastings

Located on Parallel 45, Dealu Mare region enjoys the same pedoclimatic conditions with the French region Bordeaux or the sunny north of Tuscany. Thus, the wines of the wineries in the area are very appreciated, inviting at the same time for pampering, taifas at the late hour or the lost time. We therefore recommend you to take advantage of the abolition of Deceneu's decree and give curiosity, visiting, at least for a tasting, Lacerta wineries, Vitis Metamorphosis, Budureasca, Davino, Bazilescu, Serve, Halewood, Rotenberg, Ceptura.

Landmarks in the area

  • The Dacian site from Budureasca;
  • The Bellu Mansion Museum - Scream. (32km)
  • Sarata Monteoru Spa Resort (38 km)
  • County Museum of Natural Sciences "Prahova" (45km)
  • Mud volcanoes Large and Small Paclele (60 km)
  • Fishing ponds (Fulga, Ratca - 30km)
About us

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Dacilor Farm was built in a place full of history and natural beauty - Dealu Mare-Tohani area, Prahova county.


satul Tohani, comuna Gura Vadului, judetul Prahova

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