Inspired by the decency of minimalist comfort, I kept from the current daily only electricity and hot water, and the GSM signal and internet access - just as much as you can announce at home that you have arrived in a fairytale place. And in order not to distract the spell of the moment and of the environment, in no room was mentioned TV.

The rooms are priced all with their own bathroom. The sheets are bleached at laundries (* laundering) and quietly winded by the gentle expression of the wind and the comfort of the sun at sunset. We like the beautifully arranged and welcoming rooms for our guests.

The farm can accommodate over 55 overnight travelers, in 21 rooms from the main body of the farm, 4 suspended cabins and 4 Dacian huts, as follows:

  • 15 chambers (type A), provided with double bed and window;
  • 7 chambers (type B), provided with double bed and two glass mesh, illuminating type;
  • 4 Suspended boxes, provided with double bed and sofa bed;
  • 4 Dacian cabins, provided with a double bed (under construction).
  • 6 Forest cabins, each has 2 double beds and a sofa bed. Maximum recomended capacity is 4 adults + 1 kid (6-12 years old) or 4 adults + 2 kids (0-5 years old).
  • 12 cottages in the vineyard:

    • 350 lei / night (single)
    • 400 lei / night (double), with breakfast included;

    The cabins in the vineyard are equipped with 2 twin beds.

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Forest cottage

We gave up the payment in products or the effective involvement of the guests at the farm and we adapted to the present, accepting for the security of the desired time, only the full advance payment online or with holiday vouchers. The Buzdugan once thrown, but not honored, the advance cannot be returned!

The advance is not refunded in any situation. In cases of major emergencies (pandemics), the stay is rescheduled for a later date.


On quiet days and the balance of the week (weekend), the rooms are available through the "Weekend treat" package with 2 nights' accommodation (Friday and Saturday).

Hosting begins at noon after 2:00 pm and always ends before the sun sets firmly on the second spear (11:00 am).

Breakfast (included in the cost of the room) - the first celebration of the day, will be arranged according to the custom of the place, in the Main Hall of the Farm, shortly after the last song of the rooster and until the sun barely rose proudly by a spear over the hills (08: 00 - 10:30).


  • Smoked pork muscle
  • Bacon
  • Cheese
  • Chicken drob
  • Warp balls
  • Pancakes with tuna and green salad
  • Grasshopper
  • Chicken breast with horseradish
  • Pan omelette
  • Baked potato omelette
  • Fried eggs
  • Quail egg with kapia peppers
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers
  • Butter, sweetness (blackberry, plum with walnuts)
  • Milk, cereal, fruit, water, coffee

All our rooms are
Pet Friendly (except for restaurants)

We accept all types of holiday vouchers
Up Edenred Sodexo.


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Dacilor Farm was built in a place full of history and natural beauty - Dealu Mare-Tohani area, Prahova county.


satul Tohani, comuna Gura Vadului, judetul Prahova

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