Out of love for nature and culinary tradition, at Dacilor Farm all the ingredients are purchased and carefully selected locally. The farm has a pig farm Mangalița, one of the rams and one of the bibs and geese. In the near future the farm will have its own greenhouse.

Thus, over 80% of the required ingredients will come from their own production. We adapted with slice and decency the famous bacanas of antiquity, dedicated to Bachus - the god of vines, wine and obviously drunk, keeping for our guests only the rigor of ancient recipes and the desire to sprinkle abundantly the culinary feast, with wines chosen on the eyebrow from the proudest wineries in the area (Lacerta, Vitis Metamorphosis, Budureasca, Davino, Bazilescu, Serve, Halewood, Rotenberg, Ceptura ...).

Our menu is generous and plentiful; the Dacian platter, broths, soups, borschos and other boiled foods, all of the pork dishes, winged or horned, cooked as needed in a fiery fire or dropped without haste in molcom jar, with skill but especially with love. The chosen pieces are accompanied as needed, by all the vegetables of the earth pervaded in the same way and face. As for desserts, we only say, "you lick on the dessert"

Reservations for the restaurant on weekends are made only between 13:00 - 16:00 and 16:00 - 19:00. In the absence of a prior reservation, we reserve the right to keep the order of reservations. Confirm reservations with time interval and the number of people by calling 0728 757 048.

We offer to the guests according to desires, appetizers or digestive disorders (tufts, tescovina, horinci, palinci and other jars), but also fudge drinks, learned later here (whiskeys, liqueurs, vermouths and other such liqueurs from the privie). . I went so far as to include the most coconuts in the menu, just like that, out of snobbery, for the sake of the guests.

Depending on the rank and appetite of the heart, our guests can choose where they want to start the feast:

  • The Main Lounge can also accommodate about 180 guests
  • The peasant kitchen ensures the indulgence of the intimacy and the romance of the wood oven for the most important 15 guests, giving them the privilege of the table top from the stone hosted millions of years by the Great Sarmatic;
  • The curb is left by the guests who love the fresh air and tranquility, away from the local Dacians by the way, in the pursuit of their beaten path, from and to the kitchen;
  • The terrace with barbecue and oven, where the sacrifice of the Gods is complete, can receive as needed, guests eager for the gentle expression of the wind and yet sheltered, in case of rebellion of the clouds;
  • On request and for an extra bag of yellow, we can prepare our famous Picnic on Plai, as the verse says, "... a little closer to Heaven!"

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Dacilor Farm was built in a place full of history and natural beauty - Dealu Mare-Tohani area, Prahova county.


satul Tohani, comuna Gura Vadului, judetul Prahova

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