If we were to tell you that the paleogeographic map of the Sarmatic sea - formed tens of millions of years before our era, includes in its prehistoric borders and the hills of the Dacian Farm, or that in Năeni-Fințești, there is an archaeological site comprising two Thracian settlements -dacic, of which a fortified one, surely we would not convince you to cross our threshold.

But if I confirm that approx. 40 ha of valleys and hills comforted by the gentle rays of the sun are you available for a treat in nature? ... Or if I had the privilege of slicing sweet peppers some ribs cooked in beer, directly on the table top carved into stone with shellfish inserts, extracted from the bottom of the Sarmatic sea - dried several million years ago? Or if you simply receive the official status of Dacians and the right to nest your deep sleep in Dacian huts built with traditional methods and materials of old?!? ...

About us
About us

Why The Dacian farm?

For the above reasons, out of love for nature and traditional gastronomy, in 2013 we set up the Dacian Farm, thought of as a project, and for the family. Fortunately for the extended Dacian family of today, we have wrongly sized the project, thus being able to have people at a feast, over 150 Dacians. And because our inviting guests invite you to a solid siesta, I have kindly and carefully provided details for you, 21 rooms, 4 suspended cabins and 4 Dacian huts (underway).

The Dacian farm has in time become a place of story, where the past reaches the present only to remind us, from time to time, that the ancient values must be carefully preserved and transmitted with pride.

Testimonials (what the guests who passed our threshold say)

Nică Ionuț, Bucuresti -

Most of all I appreciated the way we were treated. Located in a very quiet area and impressive landscapes, the stay in this location is extraordinary! the only problem is that time goes by way too quickly.
The staff spoiled us throughout our stay and they didn't bother us at all, they didn't reprimand us, even though we were a pretty group. noisy. At breakfast they stayed after each one of us, until we were all done eating. A pleasant experience. 
Thank you! ”

Aurel Perța, Alba Iulia – 

“ Positive energy, hospitality, I felt the warmth released by the solid wood, the animals felt good on the farm, the traditional food very diversified by note 10, I left with the well-being of that place! ”

Roman Ion Cristian, Bucuresti –

It's the kind of place I'm sorry to stay that far

Campeanu Cornelia –

 „ I did not meet in my Romania a place to eat so well .... it is our bad tradition here, it is respect for everything that is Romanian, it is a lot of soul and passion !! God bless you, Cornel Dinicu and Adrian Hadean! Down the hat in front of you??


Mirela Nuța –

„ This place deserves more than 5 stars. Incredible location, quality food, people the same. For those who respect themselves, it is a place to get out of everyday life, to remember the true values of life. To return again and again, I hope to be able to enjoy as many generations of this realm of story.”

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Dacilor Farm was built in a place full of history and natural beauty - Dealu Mare-Tohani area, Prahova county.


satul Tohani, comuna Gura Vadului, judetul Prahova

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